Rahul Roy

Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi

Rahul Roy is a Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre. He is a leading expert in Percolation Theory and has inspired generations of students and colleagues to work in this area.

Rahul Roy

Session 1D — Symposium: “Some applications of probability and statistics”

Organizers: Arup Bose (ISI, Kolkata) and Kapil H Paranjape (IISER, Mohali)

Walking randomly for 100 years View Presentation

Random walks on lattices and graphs have been studied for more than a 100 years by mathematicians, statisticians and others. We elucidate the formal mathematical structure of the model and indicate some of the interesting results in this area.  We also discuss how this theory helps us to understand the geometry of such complex networks as the World Wide Web and the small world network.

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