Ashish K Lele


Ashish K Lele

Session 2C — Symposium: “Electrochemical Energy Storage and Sustainability”

Organizers: S Sampath (IISc, Bengaluru) and K Vijayamohanan Pillai (IISER, Tirupati)

Green Hydrogen for India’s Green Future View Presentation

India has set the tone of the COP26 conference by declaring the Panchamrut action plan for climate action. This includes the ambitious target of achieving net zero emissions by 2070. It also set a new target of 500 GW renewable electricity generation, which would take renewable contributions to 50% of India’s energy mix by 2050. I believe that low carbon hydrogen is likely to play a pivotal role in achieving these targets. The recent “Hydrogen for Net Zero” report of the Hydrogen Council emphasizes this fact at global scale. In this talk, I will give an overview of the potential of low-carbon hydrogen in India and propose the role of R&D institutions in building hydrogen economy for India.

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