Vivek Agarwal

IIT, Bombay

Vivek Agarwal

Session 3A — Lectures by Fellows/Associates

VA Raghunathan, RRI, Bengaluru

My contributions to research on solar PV technology View Presentation

Solar PV Technology has emerged as the front runner    in mankind's search for a non-polluting and abundant source    of energy to replace the conventional fossil fuels. However,    the use of solar PV poses sevral challenges, which include    the highly non-linear electrical characteristics of the    solar PV source and the intermittent nature of solar    radiation. The latter gets further complicated due to non-    uniform insolation and mis-matched characteristics of the    PV modules constituting the solar PV source. The talk will    focus on the power electronic solutions to these challenges,    where the speaker will highlight some representative circuit    topologies and control schemes that he has been working on.

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